Would you like to feel ‘WELL’ instead of simply ‘not sick’?

Would you like to:

– Sleep more soundly?

– Bounce out of bed upon waking ready to take on another day?

– Feel calmer?

– Feel more relaxed?

– Get through winter feeling great?

– Improve digestive function? (So you can benefit from the nutrients in your food!)

-Reduce and eliminate PMS and menstrual abnormalities? (So you don’t turn into the ‘PMS monster’ each month!)

– Embark on a detoxification (tailored specifically to your needs and lifestyle)? (Improving vitality and reducing the risk of chronic illness!)

– Become educated on how to easily and affordably feed your family nutritious foods?

– Become more educated and empowered to take control of your, and your families, health?

Would you like to see your child?

– Sleeping well?

– Eating well?

– Anxiety-free? Stress-free?

– Behaving and concentrating well?

– Allergy-free? Intolerance-free?

– Experiencing optimal digestive function? (Reducing horrible tummy aches, diarrhoea and constipation!)

– Free of intestinal worms and parasites?

– Fighting fit throughout winter?

…and importantly… you can watch your child become educated and empowered to make healthy choices for themselves…skills they will carry through their whole lives!

How can I do this?!

Naturopathy is the art of treating the person as an individual (not a number!), and therefore encompasses the physical, mental and emotional aspects of us.

Optimal wellness is achieved with the use of herbal medicine, dietary planning, nutritional supplementation, bush flower essences and lifestyle advice.

You are educated every step of the way in regards to your current health status and treatment plan – knowledge is power!

Optimal wellness means that you have the energy and freedom to live your best life possible!

Book a consultation (online or face-to-face) with Katie Barron Naturopath today to experience optimal wellness!

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