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A note to Teenage Katie

Posted by Katie Barron on
A note to Teenage Katie

I have had a 'special relationship' with skin health my entire adult life.

I was the teenager that had acne all over my face, back, chest and shoulders and felt incredibly self conscious about it.

I actually remember spending my hard earned money (yes, I worked at the the supermarket for $4 an hour) on a cream that I would painstakingly smear all over my back (yes, I am hyper mobile in the shoulders).

Bummer that I had brought the complete wrong cream because I was deathly embarrassed, and too shy to ask which was the right one.

So I smeared a thick homeopathic cream that was for painful joints all over my back.

Needless to say that things got worse, not better for me for a while.

What would I say to teenage Katie about this?

Ahhhhhh, the wonderful tool of HINDSIGHT. 

We all know it right? Cast your mind back to 'those' situations where you would have done things differently?

Oh now let it go. Seriously. You were (are) human.

If I could go back and spend some time with teenage Katie, I would help her with her elimination pathways (gut, liver, kidneys, bowels AND skin).

I would give her herbs and nutrients that will assist with this. This will also help with her hormone balancing and mood swings (she would have been crying in relief wit this ALONE).

I would clean up her diet - more fresh, whole foods, TONS more water and less of the lion red beer (seriously, I adore NZ, but am ashamed to say that they are producers of, what I perceive to be, the foulest tasting beer in the world).

We will pop in salads and veggies at every meal, along with a protein and healthy fat source.

Sure, she is a teen and she will do what she wants (waggling finger from side to side as she says this), but she is super motivated to clear her skin, so she will take my advice.

On the topic of fat, I would tell her that eating low fat is creating massive blood sugar swings (hello hormone issues!) and she needs to eats lots of healthy fats for cellular repair and healthy mood.

I would give her a beautiful body wash, not one that strips the skin of all oils, but one that nourishes and is antibacterial at the same time. It would contain tea tree oil.

Lastly, I would tell her that she absolutely rocks. I would hug her, and let her know that one day she would be helping so many people heal so just keep on keeping on (oh and its time to drop 'that' guy, the one that ended up causing so much drama).

That she is beautiful now and will be in the future - inside and out (am I allowed to say that about myself? Juicy topic huh?!).

Do you struggle with adult acne?

Did you as a teen?

If you need help with this BOOK HERE - honestly, hand it over, and let go of the worry and drama.

 I am so excited to be able to help women all over the world with their health and wellbeing (hello simple technology!).

x Katie




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