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If You are Not Getting The Results You Want - Fire Them (and fire up)

Posted by Katie Barron on
If You are Not Getting The Results You Want - Fire Them (and fire up)

If something is not working. Fix it.

 I had a beautiful woman visit me in clinic this week.
She has been suffering with digestive issues for the best part of 5 years.
When I say digestive issues, I mean chronic diarrhoea, where she would have to assess everywhere she went for a bathroom.

It was kinda getting her down.
As it would right?!

Miss beautiful woman has been to a specialist who has ordered the appropriate tests and scopes to rule out anything too sinister.
When the results had come back as 'all good'. She has been told 'I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do for you'.
Bye Bye.

Miss beautiful woman left feeling pretty damn crap. Disheartened and even more down than when she arrived.
She felt dismissed and not cared for.

If you are not getting the answers, and help you need, ask them to refer you on.

Any good practitioner, GP, specialist or HUMAN for that matter will call in other people to help you.

If this is not happening for you. Ask for a referral.

I am hearing this story too often to ignore it any longer.


Ok Katie, I have gut issues, where do I start?!

1/ Chill - seriously, you need to make time to relax and reduce all those stress hormones that are contributing to inflammation.

2/ Drink more water - away from meals - water with meals decreases HCL in the stomach, which is there to breakdown food for the gut. If this isn't working well, fermentation occurs in the lower part of the gut (not fun).

3/ Dont go raw - GASP! 'But raw food is SOOOOOO healthy Katie!'. Only for the most robust digestive system (which is nearly no one). When you have gut issues, it makes sense to eat easily digestible foods.

4/ Sleep - when we sleep, our body going into repair mode (gut issues means there is lots of inflammation in there and the aim of the game is to reduce this).

5/ Get some help - this can be me, or someone who knows their stuff, isn't afraid to tell it like it is, get others that can help you on board and generally, bat in your corner.


Are you looking for extra help and support with this?

Remember, you can work with me from anywhere in the world!

Its Time To Fix My Gut!

As always, much love and health,

x Katie

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