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Is Fasting For ME?

Posted by Katie Barron on
Is Fasting For ME?

Its the latest thing, and it can be the best OR the worst thing for YOU.

So first things first... take a breath.

As with everything, there is NO one size fits all....this includes fasting.

The biggest mistake that I see is woman jumping into extreme fasting too quickly causing hormone and blood sugar imbalances.

Not fun.

So lets unpack this.

Just to clarify, we all undergo a 'mini fast' every night anyway. Say you eat dinner at 7pm and don't eat (or drink) anything until 6am. You have just fasted for 11 hours. 

If you struggle with this, then you are in no way shape or form ready to do longer fasts.

Fasting requires us to go for longer periods of time without food (or drinks) that spike our blood glucose levels. This in turn, creates situations where we give our digestions system a break and our body is able to burn fat instead of glucose (that we are giving in the form of any food we eat).

Sounds good right?

It is, unless you have blood sugar control, or hormonal issues to begin with.

If our bodies perceive stress, it will create increased amount of cortisol, which decreases our progesterone (lovely cosy hormone that keeps us feeling good) and we end up with weight gain around our middle (where cortisol is stored), leading to crazy mood swings and PMS.

Not fun.

So what do we do?

1/ Start slow - throwing yourself into fasting when you have been a bit of a 'carboholic' (hello toast, chocolate, pasta and lollies) will cause absolute havoc for you

2/ Start increasing the amount of healthy fats and protein at each meal to stabilise blood sugar levels (replacing the bread and pasta)

3/ Get a plan that works for YOU! (seriously, how slowly you work the fasting in, will depend on YOUR life and lifestyle)

4/Realise that its not a quick fix and that fasting is just ONE part of a bigger health plan (and something that you want to to include safely and long term)

5/When you do start 'pushing the fast out' - do so an hour at a time in the morning and start when you aren't super stressed (trust me, stress creates a 'one step forward, two steps back' effect for women and hormones).

 If you would like help with this, to make it a stress free and easy transition to weight-loss, increased energy and hormone balance, work with me!


I love fasting (I do it myself!), and love guiding women to do this safely and effectively.

I cant wait to work with you!


x Katie


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