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Is Stress Making me FAT?!

Posted by Katie Barron on
Is Stress Making me FAT?!

Are my stress levels making me FAT?


In a word. Yes.


Let’s just quickly run through this, as I know you are busy and stressed, and get to the ‘what can I do?’ part.


Constant, chronic, moderate to high stress levels are extremely common and affecting women’s health and wellbeing.

When we are stressed we release hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline (we demonise these hormones, but trust me, small amounts are needed).

Our bodies go into ‘fight or flight’ mode (wonderful throughout history when we needed to RUN from a predator – not so good in current times when we are constantly stressed and not doing a lot of running.

Cortisol and adrenaline increase our appetite (we need energy to run from the predator right?), and cortisol also encourages the laying down of fat stores (we need reserves to run from predators right?).

We also end up craving sugary and salty foods, as these release our ‘feel good’ hormones.


SO you can see how that works.


This is why so many women who are smashing themselves at the gym or trying all sorts of diets aren’t getting the results they expected.

Hello chronic hormone imbalance!


Good news though!

You can hand it over to me to help you. I hand my finances over to an accountant and he tells me what to do. I could try and figure it all out on google, but how stressful will that be? 

The easiest way to deal with these thing are to hand them over to a professional.


In the meantime, there are lots of everyday, lifestyle changes that you can make!


How to reduce Stress Hormones?


1/ Reduce caffeine – caffeine will instantly spike cortisol. Sorry, I know you didn’t want to hear this. If you find it hard, at least reduce it to one cup a day, with a meal.


2/ Drink adequate water – let’s say 2L daily (if you work with me, we work it out specially for you, but 2L is a good starting point). This will help flush out toxins and support liver – remember your liver is where you metabolise all hormones.


3/ Breathing – taking a couple of minutes to do breathing exercises can radically reduce cortisol levels. Take 2 minutes of breathing in for 5 and out for 5.


4/ Saying ‘no’ – no you don’t need to go to your cousin’s neighbour’s birthday party. You really don’t.


5/ Eat breakfast – even if you don’t feel like it. It will slow that surge of cortisol we get around 9am.


6/ Reduce sugar – you knew this one was coming right? Sweet craving? Eat a WHOLE piece of fruit, the fibre will slow the uptake of fructose.


7/ Eat your greens – I honesty used to view a side salad as a garnish. Now I see it as the meal. Greens will provide you with easily absorbable vitamins B’s (which you are chewing through when you are stressed).


8/ hand it over – work with me. Honestly. Jump over and book your naturopathic consultation to get your treatment plan and kick start your health journey.


9/ Have a bedtime – Obviously I don’t know what it is for you right now, but can you reduce it by ½ hour? Head to bed, with a book and wind down. Trust me, your hormones will love you for it.


10/ Exercise – moving your body every day. Is this going to be a ½ hour walk? A gym class? Yoga? Find your thing and schedule it in!


 I can’t wait to help you with your personalised treatment plan to help you reduce your stress and overwhelm and help you heal your hormones, as mentioned before, book in here to be able to hand it over and start looking and feeling better!

X Katie

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