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Most people don't think about their poo enough...

Posted by Katie Barron on
Most people don't think about their poo enough...

Lets get one thing straight right now.
We are not what we eat.....we are what we ABSORB.

If you have gut issues - constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, pain, nausea, bloating, fatigue....and a million other symptoms....there is a VERY good chance that you have gut issues that are reducing the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat (and supplements we take).

When we don't absorb our nutrients, vitamins and mineral that we ingest, we are missing out on some pretty damn important cofactors for other very important processes in our bodies.

This is when we start to see hormonal issues, mood disorders, thyroid problems, weight issues, basically, you name it, it will be affected by a poorly functioning gut.

This is why a naturopath will ALWAYS combine an element of gut healing to your program

Help Me Normalise my Gut and Bowel Function Katie!

Also, lets face it, running to the toilet several times a day, or being blocked up isn't the best feeling in the world.

So, Whats 'Normal' Katie?
  • 2-3 bowel movements daily
  • the stool should be formed, not hard, not soft and easy to pass (it is NOT normal to need to take a magazine into the toilet!).
  • There should be no pain, just 'that feeling' of needing to go
  • You should see any blood, mucus, or undigested food (except corn).
  • You should feel completely finished (that there isn't any left in there)

Gotcha Katie, so what can I do to Improve my gut function?

1/ Increase water intake - and easy one that you can start immediately! I will ask you to take it one step further and to consume warm water several time daily, AWAY from meals (which dilute important digestive enzymes needed for digestion).

2/ Increase fibre - please don't start supplementing with fibre (unless it has been prescribed to you), but what is perfectly safe for you to do is to increase your green leafy veggie intake. Not only will this increase fibre, but also changes the bacteria in the gut favourably.

3/ Check for food intolerances and incompatibilities - this is HUGE for gut/bowel health, so many of my patients have had live changing experiences by identifying what was causing them grief.

4/ Take a chill pill - stress hormones (e.g cortisol) plays havoc with our gut bacteria, and neurotransmitters (leaving us more stressed), that has a massive effect on gut/bowl health. 
Who has had a stressful moment that has seen them running to the bathroom? (or for some its the opposite and they can't go).

5/ Get in touch with me - I am here to help. I can arrange the appropriate testing (if required), prescribe supplements that will normalise digestion and bowel function and get your feeling great.
(once again, lets be honest, when we are going to the bathroom regularly, we feel SO much better!).

Its now even easier to work with me:

  • packages
  • instalment plans
  • Easy consultation process
  • More testing options and full analysis of results included in testing price

Let's Work Together!

I am so excited to work together, and as usual, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to comment below, or contact me

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