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Snacking...The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Posted by Katie Barron on
Snacking...The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Why do we snack?
I promise you, most of the time, its is NOT because we are hungry.....

So here the deal...if you have balanced hormones, regulated blood sugar levels, and kick ass gut shouldn't need to snack.
You can have your 2-3 meals daily and be at a great weight, full of energy and rocking it.

In full disclosure - in my peak of adrenal fatigue, I would stand at the kitchen bench, whilst making dinner, and eat piece after piece of doorstopper toast (slathered in butter because what else would you put on there?!).
I was tired. I was hormonal. I was rewarding myself for making it through another day juggling young kids, business and study.
I was not hungry.

We need to differentiate between TRUE hunger, stress, boredom, and rewarding themselves.

That time you were hiding in the pantry sneakily eating the kids chocolate?, You betacha thats wasn't hunger.

That time you were demolishing those biscuits in the staff kitchen? Not hunger.

What about time when the kids are playing in the park and you start mindless eating their snacks? Not hunger.

This is not about eating shame.....

This is about empowering you to see where you are, and where you would like to be.
Looking at the 'end goal' and working towards this - managing allergies/food intolerances? Improving energy levels? Helping hormones? Losing/gaining weight? Regulating blood sugar levels? Sports training? (please don't come and see me for sports nutrition, this is totally not my jam. Just saying).

There are no hard and fast rules for everyone/everybody/every condition.

Although, there are a few things that you can do to get your health on track....

1/ When is your 'danger time' (ahem, 5pm door stopper toast?) - know this and have healthy snacks on hand.

2/ When the 'snack attack' hits, slow it down and remove yourself. Take yourself to a new environment - this could be another room in the house, or another part of your work environment. Take a few breathes and ask yourself if you are hungry? Tired? Bored? Stressed? (then take action appropriate to the true feeling).

3/ Eating meals - I see so many women skipping meals and picking at their kids leftovers. This will not serve you - you will reach for the doorstopper toast (or your version thereof).
- 3 meals a day - healthy fats, proteins and a small amount of carbohydrate (green leafy veggies, salads, steamed veggies).

Be kind to yourself.....

Seriously, you really rock. 
You are the centre of your universe.
The centre of your family.

You deserve to feel great and look the way you want (oooooh, juicy I know, am I allowed to say that I want to look good in skinny jeans?!).

You deserve to be pain free and have energy to give to work, family and yourself.

So tread lightly and take each moment as it comes...if you find yourself at the kitchen bench with the doorstopper, know that each moment is a time to start anew.

My 'doorstopper moments' are very few and far between these days (thank god!).
If you could like some help with your hormones, energy, sleep and mood, please don't hesitate to get it touch.


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