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Surviving the Silly Season...and still Drinking the Wine

Posted by Katie Barron on
Surviving the Silly Season...and still Drinking the Wine
I can't believe that we are about to slide on into the silly season...

Things are starting to heat up (literally, and socially).

What if this year, things could feel FUN? EASY? 
(or at least, there be moments of not wanting to murder a family member).

Here are my 5 tips that you can START NOW to help ease the overwhelm of the upcoming festive season:

1/ Stay Hydrated:
Seriously, this seems so simply, but it is CONSTANTLY overlooked. 
Its hot, you are indulging in your fav tipple and 'sometimes' foods - all leading to dehydration.
Drinking enough water evenly throughout the day will assist with liver and gut metabolism and elimination of toxins (less hangover!) and also increase energy and stamina.

2/ Carb Control:
This is not about low carb, keto, high carb, low fat, etc, etc....this is about making the best decisions you can, in the moment and still have a good time.
- Fill up on salads and veggies rather than cakes and pastries - seriously, this is the best way to avoid the bloat and sluggish feeling that comes from these foods.
- Have a snack of a food that contains fat and protein before you head out to a party - this slows the uptake of alcohol to the blood stream (less chance of you making a drunken dick of yourself, and less hangover).
e.g boiled eggs, crackers with almond/peanut butter

3/ Gut and Liver Support:
I have already started my 'silly season regime' - seriously, I am going to have a house full of people for nearly a week. I want my liver, gut and nervous system ready!
I want to be able to relax with people, enjoy a couple of drinks and not feel HORRIBLE.

It just so happens that I have put together a fab 1:1 all-inclusive package to be able to do this.


4/ Choose your tipple wisely:
Ditch the sugary drinks and choose these better choices (I.e less hangover, better gut and liver function and around feeling better!)
- Spritzers - half soda/mineral water, 1/2 wine (of your choice) and a ton of ice
- Low carb beer - lessen the inflammatory effect of sugar on the your gut (and waistline)
- Vodka and soda - this is my fav - a nip of vodka, top with soda water, add fresh lime, fresh mint and drink!

5/ Saying 'NO' and 'YES':
Saying no to your cousins aunties boyfriends neighbours shindig to conserve your energy (you get my drift)
Saying yes to help - when someone asks what they can bring to your place, for the love of all things holy, please DO NOT say 'oh just being yourself?".
People like to contribute, we all want to be apart of a tribe. Allow this to happen and take a load off!

Great Katie, but can you just work it out for me?
I have enough to do!

Are you wanting to create a personalised plan to get through?

I have put together a limited time package to work 1:1 with me and get all the supplements you need to make it through the silly season thriving, not just surviving!

This is a no-brainer of a package for you, my most affordable, easy way to work with me so far.



I look forward to helping you not just survive the silly season, but THRIVE.

x Katie

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