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The Rollercoaster of School Holidays...Pass the Wine?

Posted by Katie Barron on
The Rollercoaster of School Holidays...Pass the Wine?

Ahhhhh, the rollercoaster that is school holidays....I know you all feel me.
One minute your heart bursts with love for your offspring, the next, you want to throttle them.
Thats aside from the work:kids juggle.

My girls (8 and nearly 12) took on a catalogue round in our small town (which didn't end up feeling so small).
This involved rolling 1200 catalogues (to be fair, they partnered up with the neighbours kids) and delivering around the streets.
How do kids carry that many catalogues on their bikes you ask?
Clever lady! They don't.
Mum (me and neighbour) drive around the streets with a boot full of them.
So the rolling took about 3 hours (with 4 kids and 3 adults helping), then the delivering took about 3 hours.
For the amazing amount of $30 per kid.

Of course I did the sums, and realised that it didn't really work out, but I also tried to think of the 'life lessons' the girls were learning, 'money management' etc.Then I thought fuck it (sorry, Im a bit sweary).

So we handed our notice and finished up.
It got interesting when we finished.....
After we had finished the round, and we had all slapped each other on the back, it was time for lunch.
Off we went to the sushi shop for a big lunch. Everyone was feeling really tried and was looking forward to this treat.
The girls has sushi, different curries and then also gelato from the gelato shop (gorgeous, handmade love in a tub).
I spent about $60.
Yes, I know the sums don't add up, and it wasn't about the money (lets face it, it costs a small fortune to take a family out for a meal in Australia) was the intense need to feel REWARDED.

What it got me thinking about is the reward pathway we have in the brain.....we we think that we have done a good job, a hard job, a long job, a giving job....whatever job and we deserve a reward.
This reward pathway is stimulated by a neurotransittor, dopamine, and hot damn it feels REALLY good to have that hit.
Humans will do just about anything for a 'hit' of dopamine....

Some of these things serve us, some don't.

So tonight on wednesday wine night we are going to be discussing this topic.

What is willpower?
What drives us to overeat? Overdrink? Make choices that maybe don't serve us, or keep upon the path to achieving our goals?

And more importantly, what can we do about it?

So join me at 8pm (AEST) over on my facebook page - Katie Barron Naturopath for 1/2  an hour of me giving you the facts (and hopefully a few giggles).

Oh, and don't forget your glass of vino!

See you tonight!


P.S if you are looking for more love...don't hesitate to BOOK your 1:1 consultation, where we can really work out whats going on, and devise a personalised treatment plan that fits into your life.


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