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The Whisper and the SCREAM

Posted by Katie Barron on
The Whisper and the SCREAM

Like you guys, I want to do it all, be it all, have it all....provide it all and create it all for my family, friends, myself.

I woke up this morning things about 'timing', how to fit things in for the upcoming day, week, year.

I did my morning ritual - journalling and angel cards (yep, total hippie) and the messages were all about slowing down, creating space, attending to the small things.

So I got on with work (as we do - get the message, and pretty much ignore it right?).

I won't bore you with the details, but a few hours later, my car wouldn't start.

At a time i was rushed to get the shopping and get home before the kids got home.

Boy, was not getting the message.


So I went inside. made  cup of tea. Sat on the couch, and actually marvelled at how I wasn't throwing the most almighty tantrum (I hate cars at the best of time, let alone when they don't work).


The world didn't stop turning.

And to be perfectly, honest, a few opportunities came up for me that afternoon that I would have missed if I was were rushing around.

The same thing happens with our health....

there is the whisper (this was my car not running well for a bit) that we ignore.....

the whisper is the PMS, the gut issues, fatigue, that are annoying, but not we soldier on.

Then the whisper becomes louder, my car not starting at all, or something that is more painful, requiring more intervention....we really find it hard to ignore.

So you are either listening or you are waiting for the scream.

I'm glad that I didn't wait for the scream.

Are you listening to the whisper?

Because even if you allow it become louder (like I did) and tend to it, there is something on the other side of this. Ease and opportunity.

So what do you need to take care of right now?

What whisper can you tend to before it becomes a scream?

x Katie


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