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You Do You....I'll Do Me.

Posted by Katie Barron on
You Do You....I'll Do Me.

That saying 'You never know what someone is going be kind' is SO true.

In the world where we slip on a mask everyday for the outside world, we very rarely know what is really going on with many of the people around us.

That lady you are judging for wearing too much makeup? Why do you think that is?

That woman you judge for not brushing her hair? I wonder why?

Its exhausting for everyone involved.

What if we could be kind?

Would that give us a license to be REAL?

I am aware of the face that I share certain things of myself with you, and other things I keep to myself....

Like I have struggled with depression and anxiety pretty much my whole adult life (I just didn't know what it was).

To feel well, happy and in control of this, I need to do things (and not do things) every. single. day.

Those things include eating well (well, for the most part), not drinking too much (my 20's were a blur), taking my supplements and being choosy with how I spend my time and energy.

I am human and these things don't happen perfectly. 

Sometimes I drink more wine than I want too (I am usually with friends and the wine accompanies huge amounts of belly laughs), sometimes I eat 'non-naturopathically' (gasp!) and sometimes I need a bit of time to binge watch shows like handmaids tale (although, Im not too sure how good this is for my mental health).

I have given myself permission to do this every now and then and WHAT A RELIEF that is.

These days I have found my happy balance (mostly) with all of these things (its only taken me nearly 40 years! Lol).

I do the work for myself (to feel good), my family (creating a legacy of something beautifully different) and for you guys.

So expect to see more of me, because when I am brave enough to be myself, then so are you. 

That is how I can really serve you.

How are you doing you?




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