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Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation

30-45 mins - $100.00

It's time to check in!

We have had our initial consultation - you have been working with your treatment plan and now its time to see whats happening and where we go next.

Similar to the initial consultation:

1/ Choose a day/time that suits you

2/ Make the booking

3/ Grab your cuppa, earphones and phone and be ready for our video chat.

Its so important for us to meet to see how you are tracking, make any minor adjustments and keep you on your treatment plan....after all, the vibrant health you really want is there for you if you are willing to Just. Keep. Going.

BTW - I LOVE answering your questions, so please make sure you make a note of any questions, things you want clarification on and we can certainly discuss them.

See you again soon.

x Katie