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Initial Naturopathic Consultation

60-75 mins - $250.00



  • Comprehensive analysis of your health history AND current state of health
  • Your questions answered
  • Your story heard
  • A clear treatment plan is formulated to fit YOUR lifestyle and emailed to you - diet, lifestyle and prescription (prescription costs are extra)

...Finally, you can 'hand it over'

 Have you put off working on your health because you are simply too busy?

Taking the time to work on your stress feels like additional stress in your life?

What if you could get the help (that you are constantly giving to others) without adding more to your plate?, or 'hand over' those health concerns in a completely convenient time and place for you?

What if your personalised treatment plan and health report was delivered to your inbox within 24 hours?

What if your prescription arrived at your doorstep within 3 days, and  you received reminders about subsequent consultations the day before?

I know where you are at (if you haven't read my story, you can read it here)

Its time to hand over the concerns, the worry, the stress of trying to juggle all the ball and trying to figure out whats going on with your health at the same time.

I look forward to helping you with your health.