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About Katie


A few facts about me:


I hold a Bachelor of Health Science (naturopathy).

I consult with women from all over  the world via video from my clinic  (and also offer local face to face consults for those that want to visit me), either way,  you can BOOK HERE easily.

I also tutor at a naturopathic college on the Gold Coast.

I am a wife and a mum to two girls aged 8 and 11.

 I know that family/home life seems to circle around the ‘woman of the house’ (if we fall down, everyone does!).

My favourite colour is red (not relevant, but hey).


My story:

After a lifestyle of stress on my system, I decided to study my degree and have two (gorgeous) children at the same time. In full disclosure, by the end of my degree, I was fat, burnout and completely overwhelmed (ironic that I was a naturopath right?!)

I had nothing to give my family, let alone my clients.

So I took my own advice, made my health a priority to get to the point where I was feeling good.

I watched this ‘trickle down effect’ on my family.

Everyone flourished.

So I made it my mission to use my naturopathic tools, and my experience, to help other women.

I truly believe that if we take care of ourselves, then we can take care of others around us, who in turn can care for others, and on and on.

What a beautiful trickle down effect this is!

So now my days (and some evenings) are filled with helping women just like you feel more energised, in control and relaxed.