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Play With Me

First things first...getting the result you want doesn't have to have hard or serious.

I understand that you need to be heard. I understand that you need answers.

I also know that women today need more time, space and playfulness in their lives.

What if you could have the time space, answers, results in a playful way?

What if it wasn't really hard?

I'm excited to go on this journey with you.

Here you are - feeling fat, tired, hormonal and stressed out.

The last thing you need is another I have made working with me SUPER SIMPLE (I'm a busy mum too).

I value your time (and mine).

I want you to feel supported and basically, have your hand held through this process.

The most cost effective way to work with me is via the 

'Get Your Mojo Back' package

or the

'Lets Get Started' Initial Consultation package

Once you click on the link, you will be guided through the process of paying and booking your consultation time. 


For those that would like to know more about the process:

1. Choose your preferred package.

2.  Choose a date and time that suits you, pay and fill in the intake form.

3. If you have any pathology results or blood test results, please upload them (if it also a good idea to call your GP/specialist to request copies - pathology test analysis is part of your service).

4. Be ready at your chosen time with a cuppa, earphones and a charged phone (I will video call you).

5. After the consultation, your treatment plan is emailed to you (diet, lifestyle and and prescription advice), as well as your follow up appointment details.

6. A link to order your prescription will be sent to you (this could be herbs, foods, flower essences or nutritional supplements).

It's THAT simple.

So now its time to get started!


 Choose the package that suits you:

'Lets Get Started' Initial Consultation Package

'Get Your Mojo Back' Package

Of course, if you are looking to book a singular consultation, you can that here:

1x Initial Consultation

I am so excited to be able to help you balance those hormones, boost energy levels, reduce your waist line and give you back the 'pep in your step' that you used to have, but somehow lost in your busy life.

x Katie