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'Get Your Mojo Back' 1:1 Package (Payment Upfront)


Ok lovely lady, its time to get your mojo back!

And by 'mojo', I mean that energy and enthusiasm that you USED to have before work, kids, bills and all that adult stuff got in the way.

What if you could bounce out of bed, sailing through 'that time of the month' pain and crazy free?

Not drag yourself through that 3pm slump?

What if you felt like having sex with your partner, instead of feigning a headache or scheduling it like another chore? (Don't worry no one else has to know).

What if that muffin top (that you can't shift) left the building?

It's time to give yourself permission to be happy, healthy and relaxed.

Its time to be the mum/wife/colleague/human you desperately want to be.

Working with me is oh so easy.

Over the next three months, you have my guidance, knowledge and support every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

What Can I Expect?

- Improved sleep

- Sustained energy throughout the day

- Improved gut function - bowel moving regularly, bloating gone and digestion optimised

- Reduced PMS (to be honest, most ladies tell me it disappears)

- Weight loss - even though this isn't specifically a weight-loss package, most of my ladies lose a few kg if that need too.

- Improved mood - this is a TOTAL game changer for my peeps (ditching the low mood and anxiety is such a relief).


Whats Included in the Package?

- 1 x Initial consultation - we assess where you are, and where you want to be, and get the ball rolling!

- 3 x Fortnightly Follow up consultations - we check in and keep things on track. We can reassess is things get off track (hello life!). I am there to answer any questions and provide information and actionable advice for YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

- 1 x Email check in - this comes in our 4 week 'break' - making sure that you are where you need to be, providing support and answering your questions via email.

- 1 x Final Consultation - Here we check in with how far you have come (trust me, its amazing to see how may woman forget how badly they were sleeping, how low their energy was, or how painful their periods were!), we make a plan for the future and I am answer any questions you may have.

- 1 x 3 month supply of practitioner only multivitamins - full of the highest quality vitamins and minerals so you can be sure that you are absorbing them and not flushing your money down the loo! (these are only available through qualified naturopaths with consultation).

- 1x 3 month supply of fish oil - again, high quality practitioner only brand that ensure you are not consuming rancid, cheap oil (don't get me started on this one!)

- Hand out and resources that are relevant to where you are at and where you want to be.

Once you have purchased your package (Yay!), you will get an email with a link to go ahead and book your initial consultation at a time that suits you.

Learn more about the consultation process here

You will also be able to book all of your follow up consultations at the same time - and then you can pop them straight in your diary (we all know that when its in the diary, its happening!).